A Day On and Around Lake Como, Italy

A Day On and Around Lake Como, Italy
Lake Como Review

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Bellagio is truly a beautiful place

We had a lovely day exploring the area around Bellagio by boat—in a typically Italian way! There are a number of tour boats and ferries in Bellagio. They are all listed in a timetable that is nearly impossible to read. Everyone in Bellagio seems to know that—for nearly everyone speaks English and can explain the mysteries of the time table to the tourists lined up on every dock. One important fact to note—Saturdays in Italy are considered weekdays on most timetables.

It was a beautiful day when we set out to explore the lake. We had planned to go to Menagio but the boat which came to our dock was going nearly everywhere except Menagio; we got on anyway. We crossed the lake on a charming boat enjoying the towering mountains and the warm sun. We decided to get off in Tremezzo as we planned to take the boat again the next day—all the way to Como.

We did not venture far from the water in Tremezzo—it is a small but charming little town. We noticed a restaurant where all of the tables were on a deck built out over the water. Even though it was early we decided to eat lunch there. The restaurant, called Albergo Tremezzo, though we did not see much of a hotel there, was very good. I had homemade tagliatelle with cinghiale—wild boar! My husband, Allen had an excellent pizza. We each had a glass of wine—I had Prosecco, the sparkling white wine from a neighboring region.

We walked along the lake and saw an old steamboat which had been restored and was now a pub (which was not open), looked in a few of the big hotels, and enjoyed the lake.

We returned to the dock and finally found the boat for Menagio, yet another charming little town on Lake Como. We walked from the dock to a pasticceria and sat and had our ice cream and coffee. The town of Menagio goes up the hill from the lake and is very pleasant to walk around.

We decided to head back to Bellagio and discovered that the boats make the Bellagio-Menaggio trip quite frequently (about every 20 minutes or so).

It is safe to say that enjoying Lake Como is like enjoying Italy itself—take time to enjoy the scenery, the people and the knowledge that you simply cannot plan exactly how your trip will unfold!

Submitted by Susan Willey Spalt

Rick Steves Shares about Milan and Lake Como (20 minute mark of the video)

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