Ancient Roman Temple Found in Pantelleria

Ancient Roman Temple Found in Pantelleria

Archaeological Discovery on Pantelleria

An ancient Roman temple dating to the first or second century AD has been discovered by archaeologists on the southern island of Pantelleria. A three-meter portion of one of the walls of the temple has been dug up.

History of Pantelleria

In ancient times Pantelleria was a major trading and cultural crossroads between Italy, Africa, Greece and Asia Minor. It had a flourishing Roman colony whose wealth and sophistication have produced rich findings for archaeologists.

Marble Busts of Caesar

Two years ago archeologists discovered marble busts of Caesar, the emperor Titus and a high-born court lady. The busts were well-preserved, allowing them to be immediately identified.

There is still lingering doubt about the identity of the woman. It may be a bust of Antonia Minor or her daughter-in-law Agrippina Major.

In the early imperial age busts of women differed from the lifelike images produced for men. Models of ideal beauty were preferred to reality. The statues were topped with the elaborate hairstyles that were popular among the aristocratic women of the time.

There is no doubt that the woman’s head is that of an important member of the Julio-Claudian dynasty (14-68 AD), but there is still a question as to whether it is Agrippina, daughter of the Emperor Claudius

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