Andrea Camilleri, The Paper Moon

Andrea Camilleri, The Paper Moon

The Paper Moon is the ninth book in Andrea Camilleri’s Inspector Montalbano series. Montalbano is the food loving inspector from the Sicilian town of Vigàta.

Paper Moon finds Montalbano in his normal melancholy mood, this time worried about his seemingly deteriorating memory and general fatigue that has set in. In fact, he now finds that he needs to set his alarm clock each morning rather than waking to his inner clock as he has done for most of his life.

The mystery here centers around a pharmaceutical salesman, Angelo Pardo, found dead in his rooftop sunroom with his zipper open. There are secret bank accounts, drugs, discrete and indiscrete love affairs and the musings of Montalbano on how two beautiful women could be involved in such a case. As is often the case in this series there is the suggestion of Mafia involvement in the circumstances surrounding the murder.

A bit darker than the previous books in this series it is still a book that will make you smile as you follow Montalbano and his fellow officers as they move through their days in their chaotic police station.  Andrea Camilleri continues to entertain with his witty writing style and his sly comments on life in Sicily.

This series is always enjoyable for the language and the well developed mystery. I find myself able to picture Montalbano driving along the rural roads in Sicily at his normally slow pace while drivers pass him shouting and waving their fists.

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