Are you a Solo Traveler?

Are you a Solo Traveler?

Which is better for you? Solo travel or Group Tours? That depends on how you like to travel, how comfortable you are with traveling by yourself or with family and friends and how much you enjoy planning a trip.

Italy is an easy place to find tours that cater to your specific interests. Like art? There are plenty of group trips that focus on museums? Like walking? There are tours that cater to serious hikers and leisurely walkers.

Italy is also a country you can easily explore on your own or with a small group of family and friends. Italians are used to tourists and try to accommodate reasonable requests even if they don’t speak Italian. And there are so many travel guidebooks focusing on Italy that help is close at hand.

Now there is something called independent travel which combines the two. You travel with a tour group but you can decide to tour on your own or participate in a group tours. As for me, I like to plan my own trips but there are times when group travel makes sense especially if you are traveling to hard to get to places or places with restricted access.

Here are some tips to help you decide if you should plan your own trip:

Solo travel may be for you: If the thought of a scheduled vacation with little free time gives you a panic attack then you need to start planning your own trip

  • Why go to the beach in the rain? Traveling on your own will allow you flexibility in your travel schedule. You can change your plans as the weather changes or stay an extra day if you discover a great little hotel
  • Meeting people is your thing. Part of the fun of travel is meeting local people, when you travel in a group you have less incentive and opportunity to meet people outside your group.
  • You are a Planner. For many people planning the trip is part of the excitement of travel
  • Reading about places gets you jazzed. If your bookshelves are full of travel books and you live vicariously through trips your friends and relatives take then you should consider planning your own trip. You can have a theme for your trip (art, hiking, history) or leave your days unscheduled and be free to visit different areas on a whim.
  • Rent an apartment…and learn how the locals live: Renting an apartment or a villa may be cheaper depending on the length of your trip since you will not be eating out three times a day,
  • You can do it. If you are interested in booking your own trip but are afraid – participate in the forum on AmoreTravelGuides and ask friends. Just don’t be intimidated. People love to talk about their travel experiences and are willing to give free advice.

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