Top Things to Do in Bellagio, Italy

Top Things to Do in Bellagio, Italy
Bellagio Italy

Bellagio Italy Things to Do – Photo By Riccardo

Bella Bellagio! Every time to you tell someone who has been to Bellagio that you are planning a trip there they will sigh and say ahhhh, bella Bellagio. And it is true. Bellagio is beautiful.

Lake Como is dotted with small towns that sit right at the base of the mountains on the lake. All are worth a visit but none are more beautiful than Bellagio. Bellagio sits at the fork in the lake where the western and eastern arms of the lake split giving the town views of both sides of the lake.

It is tempting to spend your time on the busier side of Bellagio that has the stores and restaurants overlooking the docks and boats. But you should wander up to the top of the town and take one of the paths that lead over to the back arm of the lake which is a little quieter and more peaceful.

You can sit on one of the benches and enjoy the view of the lake and small harbor that is full of pleasure boats. The Hotel Belvedere has a restaurant where you can sit outside and look over this side of the lake without having to do much hiking (though you do have to hike up to the hotel).

You can spend one day taking the boat around the lake getting off at different towns or you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. There is a also a little train, well it is not really a train because it does not run on tracks, but it looks like a train, that runs around the area just outside Bellagio and lets you get a feel for the area.

What to Do In Bellagio

You go to Bellagio to relax and enjoy the views of the water and the mountains. You can do this by sitting and looking or by participating in one of the many outdoor activities available. The area offers: boating, hiking, bicycling (beware the hills!), etc. The town is packed with shops of every shape and size. Some are touristy, but many offer good local products. This is the place to buy scarves if you are in the market. Como is a large producer of silk and silk products.

Get up early one morning, order a cappuccino and sit at a restaurant on the lake and watch the sun come up and spread its light over the lake and the mountains and think to yourself how lucky you are to be in bella Bellagio.

Transportation Tips

Getting to Bellagio is easy. You can take the train from Milan to Como. At the train station in Como you will need to take a taxi to the boat to Bellagio (about a 5 minute ride). This is the most leisurely way of getting to Bellagio. Several boats go to Bellagio, some are fast and some are slow.

If you have the time the slower boat that stops in the little towns along the way is a great way to see the lake. Check the boat schedule before you arrive in Bellagio. Another option is to take the train from Milan to Varenna and the car ferry from Varenna to Bellagio.

The ferry ride from Varenna to Bellagio is only about 10 minutes. Of course, you can drive to Bellagio, but parking is limited and the roads are treacherous.

Here is Rick Steves’ YouTube on Bellagio:

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