Buon Natale Means Merry Christmas

Buon Natale Means Merry Christmas

buon natale sophia rossiBuon Natale is Italian for Merry Christmas. I recently bought this great little book called “Buon Natale, Learning Songs and Traditions in Italian” by Sophia Rossi.

What makes this little book (32 pages) so great is that it is in both English and Italian. Though it is basically a children’s book it is also fun for adults. I enjoyed it immensely.

Buon Natale has Christmas songs in both Italian and English. The narration is also in Italian and English making it a great way to study the language. Granted we don’t say jingle bells very often on our travels, but it does make studying fun.

Since the narration is in both English and Italian it is useful for both English speakers learning Italian and Italians learning English.

Product Description from Amazon

Learn the customs and traditions of Christmas in Italy through a bilingual story while enjoying the season’s favorite songs. This beautifully illustrated 32 page hardcover book comes with an audio CD, including the narration in Italian and 15 songs to sing along and enjoy.

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