Buying Gifts in Italy

Buying Gifts in Italy

Every time I go to Italy I want to bring a few things home for family and friends. With all the restrictions on what you can bring on airplanes and the undependable Italian postal system it can be perplexing.

Over the years I have found a few things that people always appreciate:

Italian Scarves: Beautiful scarves and wraps are available all over Italy and at all prices.What says I have just been to Europe better than a scarf cast jauntily over your shoulders? The great thing about buying a scarf in Italy is that the sales people actually show you how to wear them and you can impress your family and friends when you show them.

Italian Leather Products: In Italy you can buy book marks, coin purses and eyeglass cases for a few Euro or soft leather jackets for hundreds or thousands of Euros. The cheaper the item the less likely it was actually made in Italy, but it was bought in Italy, it is pretty and the recipient will know that you were thinking of them.

Italian Paper Products: Handmade journals, notebooks and paper goods of all kinds are available in small stores on almost every street.

Italian Magazines: Your cheapest option is to buy Italian magazines. Fashion, entertainment and news magazines can all be fun. You don’t need to be able to read Italian to figure out the message.

Italian Soap: Every trip I go to the grocery store and shop around for typical Italian products. I have found really pretty bars of soap in grocery stores, pharmacies and stores that only sell really pretty bars of soap. A nice side benefit of buying bars of soap is that you can put them in your luggage and they make your clothes smell nice or at least better than they did after spending two weeks in a suitcase with your shoes.

Another advantage to my list? None of the things I mentioned take up much space in a small suitcase.


  • Nice post about Italian gift. you have provide some nice ideas about gift selection. If someone wants to buy a gift than first read your article.

  • Larry says:

    Great tips for gift buying in Italy. You may also want to mention anything silk, which would go along with the scarves. I usually find a lot of great ties in Italy.
    There is also a lot of great jewelry you can bring back, along with chocolates.
    And there are many other great ideas, as when you are there, they will come to mind as you are travelling through the country.
    Larry Aiello

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