Caffe Latte in the Morning Espresso in the Evening

Caffe Latte in the Morning Espresso in the Evening

Caffé Latte in the morning, espresso in the afternoon and evenings is the Italian way. Americans often drink caffé latte, shortened to latte, and cappuccino all day long which is fine, but don’t expect Italians to do the same thing.

In Italy, breakfast is generally a quick stop at a coffee bar for a small cup and I mean a very small cup (no venti’s in Italy) of coffee. Your coffee may be accompanied by a sweet pastry. At most coffee bars you pay first and take your receipt to the counter to get your order. You then eat and drink standing at the counter. The slow food movement in Italy does not apply to breakfast, which is a fast meal eaten on the go.

A caffé latte is a coffee with hot milk and is similar to French café au lait and the Spanish café con leche. Caffé latte and cappuccino are very similar, the main difference is that cappuccino has more foam and less milk. Espresso is hot, black, strong coffee. It is delicious and will give the shot of caffeine you need to get through the day.

Too much coffee for you? Try una cioccolata calda (hot chocolate) the hot chocolate in Italy is delicious and you can drink it all day. It is especially good with “panna montata” Italian for whipped cream.

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