Christmas in Italy Read All About It!

Christmas in Italy Read All About It!

Christmas in Italy! The Christmas markets. The traditional foods.  The Legend of LaBefana. The Italian Mangers. It is all described in this wonderful 80 page book from World Book.

As with all things Italian, Christmas in Italy starts at the beginning meaning 2,000 years ago and takes you through present-day celebrations held throughout the country. The book is very readable and is full of pictures.

Although the book is written for young people and adults with well developed reading skills, the stories and descriptions could easily be read aloud to children.

Christmas in Italy gives a good description of the famous Christmas markets, Italian Christmas art, Italian nativity scenes and really some of the nativities could be considered art they are so beautiful. Anyone who has seen the manger at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York will know what I mean

The story of the Legend of La Befana is accompanied by one of the most interesting pictures I have ever seen. In true Italian spirit, La Befana is shown emptying her bag of toys while flying through the sky. I guess I had always pictured a more orderly passing out of toys, but she can certainly cover more ground this way.

Recipes, crafts projects and songs are all included. After reading this book you will be able to add a little bit of Italy to your next Christmas celebration.

The Chapter Headings are:

• Italy at Christmastime
• The Christmas markets
• The Legend of La Befana
• Christmas art
• The fabulous Italian mangers
• Music from the hills
• Christmas at the Vatican
• Holiday foods
• From Italy, a very merry Christmas
• Holiday treats (recipes)
• Festive decorations (crafts projects)
• Christmas tunes (holiday songs)

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