Digital Cameras Preserve Your Vacation Memories

Digital Cameras Preserve Your Vacation Memories

You will want to take a digital camera on your vacation to Italy. Digital cameras let you take as many pictures as you want, providing you have the memory. The great thing is you only have to keep the pictures you like. No more waiting until you get home to learn which pictures are worth saving.

Most of the pictures on this site were taken with a Canon PowerShot S410 Digital Elph with 4.0 mega pixels. I have been very happy with this camera. My camera has been thrown in suitcases, backpacks and pockets and still keeps working. I keep it in a camera case to try and lessen the wear and tear that comes with traveling.

If I were buying the camera today I would get at least 5.0 mega pixels. The prints from my current camera are terrific, although they can be grainy when I print an 8 1/2 x 11 print. Having the larger mega pixels would fix that problem.

When you travel remember to take an extra battery and enough memory to record your trip. You will also need a converter to recharge your battery.

When traveling keep your camera secure in a case or a fanny pack, cameras are easy to lose and they are easy to steal.

After your trip sort through your pictures and print a few to frame. You will remember your trip every time you look at the picture.

Vow that you can only listen to your recordings when you are walking. You may find yourself walking extra miles to finish a favorite thriller or complete a seminar.

Make sure you are walking on sidewalks in safe areas when wearing headphones.  Listening to an Ipod can put you in another world so be

The time will fly by and you will breeze through an hour of walking before you know it.  Using your Ipod to learn a new skill during your daily walk is a great way to expand your mind while exercising your body.

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