Eagle Creek Travel Gear Travel Bug Bag

Eagle Creek Travel Gear Travel Bug Bag

Eagle Creek Travel Bug Bag

Looking for the perfect gift for the traveling man in your life?  He will love the Eagle Creek Travel Gear Travel Bug Bag.  It is a purse for men, sort of like a Hobo Bag for men only in black and with more pockets to hold more gadgets. 

The Bug Bag is perfect for day trips.  You can stuff your maps, guidebooks, bottles of water and Kindle Fire all in this bag, but…….you won’t be able to fit a laptop in it.  Nope, won’t work it is too small which is why it is called a day pack.

Why Eagle Creek?

Eagle Creek designs its product lines to make travel easier and more fun. Not surprisingly, the folks at Vista, California-based Eagle Creek travel the four corners of the world in their spare time. By yak, by Fiat, by bus, by fast train, or by airplane, Eagle Creek employees come back and figure out how their gear can work better in all of the above circumstances. Most importantly, the company listens to its well-traveled customers, who demand that their travel gear be smart, indestructible, and comfortable. That’s why Eagle Creek builds every product with the highest-quality, most-reliable performance in mind. Every buckle, zipper, webbing, and fabric choice is scrutinized based on rigorous lab and field-testing. The company is also keenly aware of the environmental impact of its products, which is why it strives to minimize material waste and source and manufacture its products using the least harmful fabrics, trims, and packaging materials available.

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