Fewer Tourists on Italian Beaches

Fewer Tourists on Italian Beaches

italy-beachUncertain weather and an uncertain world economy has kept tourists away from
Italian beaches this year. Somewhere around 1 million fewer tourists will visit one of Italy’s fifteen coastal regions this year compared to last year.

Campania and Sardinia were both off around 5%. Veneto, Marche, Molise and Lazio are off around 10%. Calabria suffered the most substantial drop of 25%. Even those communities that had a normal
season in June had a drop off in July.

Italy is hoping that things will pick up for Ferragosto, an August holiday. The reduction in beachgoers has affected the local economies. Sales of ice cream and soft drinks are both off about 15%.

In addition to weather and economy, Italian beaches are suffering from competition from foreign resorts and the erosion of the coastline.

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