Leonardo da Vinici Airport – Fiumicino Rome, Italy Travel Tips

Leonardo da Vinici Airport – Fiumicino Rome, Italy Travel Tips

Rome, Italy’s main airport is Leonardo da Vinici Airport AKA Fiumicino.

Aeroporto - Leonardo da Vinci Airport

Aeroporto – Leonardo da Vinci Airport

The airport’s name was actually changed a number of years ago from Fiumicino to Leonardo da Vinici Airport, but most Italians and the rest of the world still uses Fiumicino.

There are three main terminals at Rome, Italy’s Fiumicino airport:

Terminal A handles domestic flights
Terminal B handles both international and domestic flights
Terminal C handles international flights

Most gates at Fiumicino lead directly to the plane; however, there are still a number of gates where passengers have to be bused to their planes. Let your airline know if you have physical restrictions that will make such a transfer difficult.

Most airports are located outside of their host city and Rome’s Fiumicino is no different. Located 16 miles from the city, it takes about 45 minutes (depending on traffic) to get to and from the airport by car. The city of Rome is northeast of Fiumicino.

A train runs at 30 minute intervals between Termini (the main train station in Rome) and Fiumicino Airport. The first train leaves from Termini to Fiumicino at 5:52 in the morning. The last train from Fiumicino to Termini is at 11:37 (23.37) at night. In 2006 the train cost 9 Euro.

If you plan to travel from Leonardo da Vinici – Fiumicino Airport to Central Rome by Train , here is an excellent video that will help you:

Buses are available to and from several places around Rome from Fiumicino. Official taxi’s are white and identified by the illuminated Taxi sign on the roof. Check on the approximate price of your trip prior to getting in the taxi. Most hotels in Rome will arrange for car service to and from Fiumicino. Airport car service costs about 50 Euros.

Most standard services are available at Rome, Italy’s Fiumicino Airport. Baggage storage (open from 7 to 11) is available for a fee, information desks are located in all three terminals, a post office, banks, ATM’s, a pharmacy, a chapel and first aid stations can be found at Fiumicino. The airport also is a shopping mall with 130 stores including duty free shops and numerous restaurants, cafes and bars.

The airline code for Rome’s Fiumicino Airport is FCO. Ciampino is a small airport near Rome that services charter flights and private planes. Most travelers will fly into and out of Rome, Italy’s Fiumicino Airport.

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