Four Seasons in Rome Anthony Doerr

Four Seasons in Rome Anthony Doerr

Rome is an unforgettable city. Still, we sometimes need a book to jog our memories. “Four Seasons in Rome” is just that book.

And if you have never been to Rome? This is the book to get you to save your pennies so you can make the journey.

Mr. Doerr does a wonderful job of relating the feel and uniqueness of each season in Rome. This book is at times thought provoking and inspiring. The book manages to be all this in just a little over 200 pages.

From Publishers Weekly Acclaimed novelist and short story writer Doerr turns out a well-observed chronicle of his family’s year in Rome, when he was a fellow at the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Doerr is a precise, lyrical writer who, dividing his book into seasons, captures in equal measures the wonder of the Italian countryside, the mind-boggling history of the Eternal City and the measured joys and trials of parenting twin baby boys. Upon their autumn arrival, it is the boys who most connect Doerr and his wife to their new city: “Grown men in suits stop and crouch over the stroller and croon. Older men in particular. Che carini. Che belli. What cuties. What beauties.” In Spring, Doerr captures well the color and emotionof the vigil for the dying Pope John Paul II, providing insight into the man and his death: “More than three miles of artwork hang in the Vatican Museum and the pope could have any of it brought in front of him…Instead, he wants only to hear something read from the Bible in Polish.” The memoir is full of other such rewarding passages, and anyone with fond memories of Rome will want to savor it slowly.

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