Genoa, Italy – The Romantik Hotel Villa Pagoda

Genoa, Italy – The Romantik Hotel Villa Pagoda

Romantik Hotel Villa Pagoda

The Romantik Hotel Villa Pagoda is located in Nervi, Italy just outside of Genoa. The hotel is in a renovated 200 year old villa. I lived in Nervi as a child and was eager to stay there on one of my trips to Italy. There are not many hotels located in Nervi so I was excited when I found the Hotel Villa Pagoda.

I recently stayed there with two other friends. We rented a small suite with 2 single beds and a small sitting area that had a day bed. We also had a large bathroom that was clean and well-stocked with toiletries. The shower was comfortable but not as large as you would find in hotels in the US.

The nicest thing about our rooms were the three windows, two of which looked out on the Mediterranean Sea.

The hotel has its own private walkway (about 100 yards) down to the Anita Garibaldi promenade. The promenade runs along the rocky shore for about a mile, from the old harbor to Capolungo Village. There are a number of restaurants with good food and spectacular views along the promenade.

There are several large parks located within an easy walk of the hotel. One of the parks had a small coffee bar where you could get refreshments. When we were there the parks were full of activity so it was fun to wander and look at families out enjoying the day. The hotel is also a short walk to the commercial part of town where there are
small stores, ATM’s, etc.

The dining room at the Hotel Villa Pagoda has an excellent restaurant called Il Roseto. When we were there the hotel set up the dining area outside under large umbrellas. It was a beautiful evening and the staff did everything to make the dining experience a good one.  The food was excellent. The menu was not large but everything on it was tempting. The dishes offered generally included some type of seafood.  There is a well-stocked bar  where you can sit and enjoy a before dinner glass of wine and a few complimentary snacks. The restaurant is advertised in town so it is worth getting reservations even if you are staying at the Villa Pagoda.

There are only 17 rooms at the hotel so you will not be running into a lot of tourists there. In fact one of the things I like best about staying in Nervi is that you will not see mnay tourists, either American or otherwise.

The Villa Pagoda is pricey, but it is worth every penny.


• The view and easy access to the promenade
• Our rooms had air conditioning that actually worked well
• The hotel was very clean and quiet
• The coffee served at breakfast was the best I had while in Italy.
Many hotels now try to cater to American tastes, but the Villa Pagoda
had real Italian Coffee.
• The breakfast was excellent, but be forewarned ours was not included in the price of our rooms
• The bathroom was large, clean and had a working hair dryer
• There is a large parking area
• Credit Cards are accepted


• There is no getting around the fact that this is an expensive hotel
• Breakfast was not included in the price of the room

Rating:The Romantik Hotel Villa Pagoda is rated four stars,
remember the European star system refers to amenities provided and
price, not quality.

Average Price: The average price of a room is €407 (in 2007)

Romantik Hotel Villa Pagoda
Via Capolungo 15
16167 Genova Nervi, Italy

Phone: +39-010-3726161

Getting There: We flew into Milan and took the train to Genova
Principe. Because we were tired we opted for a taxi to Nervi which cost
around €15. There is a local train that runs from Genova Principe to
Nervi and takes about 10 minutes or so. From the Nervi train station
you would have to either take a taxi or call the hotel. They are
supposed to have a shuttle available to customers.



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