Hotel Belludi 37 Review – Padua, Italy

Hotel Belludi 37 Review – Padua, Italy
Hotel Belludi 37, Padua, Italy

Hotel Belludi 37, Padua, Italy

Review – The Hotel Belludi 37 also known has the Hotel Belludi or just the Belludi was a real find

Part of my love for this hotel is  that it is located in the south of the city near Saint Anthony’s Basilica so I woke up each morning of my stay to the ringing of church bells.  It was such a nice way to welcome  the day.  I have changed the alarm on my iPad to church bells but somehow it is not the same.

We were welcomed warmly on our arrival and greeted with a cup of espresso.

The Belludi does not have an elevator, but not to worry, the gentleman working the desk (a Danish expat) carried our small but heavy bags up to our rooms so quickly that we barely had time to tip him.  Guests have to walk up at least one flight to get to the rooms.  The breakfast room is located on the top floor so you need to be comfortable and able to walk up and down several flights of stairs.

We arrived in Padua toward the end of our 2 ½ week stay in Switzerland and Italy.  I was travelling with a friend and we mutually decided while planning our trip that we would have separate rooms during our stay in Padua.

This worked well since even the best of friends can get tired of each other after spending every minute of every day together which is what tends to happen when you are traveling in countries where a foreign language is spoken.

When we were planning our trip we emailed the Belludi several times with questions.

I don’t know if this is always the case but they always responded to us within 24 hours.

My friend was not able to book a room on-line (the website showed no rooms available) so she emailed them and received a response the next day with the good news that there was a room available and that it was reserved in her name.

We both stayed on the second floor.

The size of the sleeping area in both rooms was about the same however my bathroom was about a third of the size of my friend’s.

Although my bathroom was functional and big enough for one person, it would have been tight with two people.  My friend Cindy’s bathroom was huge!

If the size of your bathroom is important to you be sure to make that clear when you make your reservations.  The only challenge with Cindy’s bathroom is that she had to step in and out of a large bathtub to take a shower while I had a walk-in shower.

There is a small sitting area half-way up to the second floor (the first floor with sleeping rooms).  We occasionally sat here to plan out our day and noticed other guests doing the same.

There is a selection of newspapers and magazines for guests to peruse including a copy of the International New York Times and several magazine in various languages.

We did a lot of walking on this trip so it was nice to have a centrally located hotel.

The Hotel Belludi 37 is located near both the Pago Pago Pizzeria and the Trattoria al Prato and is an easy walk to the Caffé Pedrocchi.

Pro’s to the Hotel Belludi 37

  • The staff was amazingly friendly and helpful.  Everyone who worked the front desk spoke English, some better than others, but all understandable.  The owner (Andrea) worked the desk one day and was extremely helpful in providing shopping tips.
  • The rooms were well appointed and very clean.  I like rooms without a lot of fabric which can seem dirty to me.  The Hotel Belludi 37 were very modern with minimal furniture and clean lines.  There is a sufficiently large closet with drawers underneath.
  • We opted to buy the hotel breakfast and it was well worth it.  We had our choice of eggs cooked to order and a wide selection of breads, pastries, cold cuts, cheeses and fruit.  It was lovely.  The woman who worked the breakfast room while we were there was very friendly and helpful.  Needless to say the coffee was excellent.
  • The hotel is within walking distance of all the major sites.
  • Each room has a small refrigerator with complimentary drinks including both sparkling water and flat water.  The refrigerator would have come in handy if you had any leftovers from your dinner.  Since I ate everything put in front of me at dinner I never had any leftovers.  Looking at reviews on several websites, people have mentioned getting cookies.  I was not given any cookies but I did not need any cookies since gelateria’s are everywhere in Padua.
  • The rooms came with free Wi-Fi access.
  • The hotel has some parking available for guests.  If you need to have access to parking be sure to reserve ahead of time.  You won’t need a car to tour around Padua.

Con’s to the Hotel Belludi 37

  • The Hotel Belludi 37 has a bottom floor with a reception area and two floors of rooms.  I was in a corner room on the second floor overlooking the main street.  It was too noisy for me to sleep with the windows and shutters open which was unfortunate because the weather was perfect.  My friend’s room looked over a small building with a garden and was much quieter.  I looked at a number of reviews on other websites and no one else had a problem with noise so it may have been that I am a light sleeper or that we were there just as the University was letting out for the term so maybe there was more traffic.
  • Unless there is an elevator hidden away somewhere the Belludi is not wheelchair accessible.

A nice touch was that the Hotel Belludi 37 gave us a small jar of locally produced honey on our departure.

Address: Via Luca Belludi 37, Padova, Italy 35100

Phone Number: 39 049 665633


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