International Cell Phone Rental: Rent One from PlanetFone

International Cell Phone Rental: Rent One from PlanetFone

International cell phone rentals are the way to go for US residents traveling abroad. International cell phones are very expensive for US residents and don’t make sense for most of us. If you travel internationally only a few times a year and then only for pleasure, international cell phone rental is the answer.

My sister rented a PlanetFone when were traveling in Rome. I have to admit that I was more than a little skeptical but it turned out to be a lifesaver when her wallet was stolen in Termini Train station. She was able to call her husband from the
train and he cancelled all their credit cards before the train left the station.

PlanetFone makes international cell phone rental easy and convenient. In our case,
my sister was in New York City for a wedding and the phone was delivered to the address where she was staying. When she returned home she put the international cell phone in the mail and the deal was complete.

The pocket-sized international cell phones from PlanetFone are highly cost-effective, affording savings of up to 80% over international hotel phone rates and up to 70% over international calling card rates.

These international cell phones rented from PlanetFone operate the same as the phones we are used to (a sample is shown below). They come with easy to understand instructions and give you the option of having a mailbox so you can receive messages. For a fee you can even text message.

When you rent or lease an international cell phone from PlanetFone you will be billed for two separate items: a rental charge for the cell phone and airtime charges for calls made or received. There is a AAA discount for AAA members.

The PlanetFone international cell phone ships free with a four-business day advance
order. They will ship for delivery on Saturday or Sunday at your request for an additional charge. PlanetFone sends a Federal Express return-shipping package with the delivery of the mobile phone. The shipping package includes a pre-paid air bill.
The cell phone comes with a charger.

The best thing about PlanetFone international cell phone rental are the no’s! No hidden fees. No long-term contract. No minimums. No surcharges. No connect fees.
Service is available in over 150 countries with more being added all the time. English speaking operators are available to answer your questions.

Worried about leaving your children at home? An international cell phone rental will put your mind at ease. Have an aging or sick parent? Rent an international cell phone and stay in touch. Traveling alone? International cell phone rentals from PlanetFone can be your link to home and help in an emergency.

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  • Jonathan says:

    I rented a phone from planetfone and used it 7 times for a couple minutes each time. I got home and returned the phone. They later charged me $350 with no receipt or explanation. I called and left 5 voicemails over a 2 week period with no response. I emailed them with no response. This company is a joke and they are scam artists. I will never deal with them again

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