Italian Author Andrea Camilleri writes New Sicilian Mystery

Italian Author Andrea Camilleri writes New Sicilian Mystery

Is Sicilian Inspector Montalbano retiring? Say it’s not so! In his seventh Inspector Montalbano mystery, Rounding the Mark, ¬†Andrea Camilleri continues his entertaining series set in Sicily.

With frustrations increasing over his department’s actions while providing security at the G8 summit in Genova, Montalbano becomes disillusioned and considers retiring. He is beginning to feel old and to add to his miseries his favorite restaurant has closed. For someone who analyzes, evaluates and enjoys his food with a zeal found only in Italy this is a true disaster.

Just in the nick of time Montalbano discovers a corpse. Actually he bumps into it while taking a swim in an attempt to relax and put his frustrations behind him. This discovery arouses his curiosity and he begins to investigate the death.

As the Inspector investigates the swimmers death he becomes involved in solving a hit-and-run accident that caused the death of a young boy who may have been a victim of human traffickers.

In spite of the serious topics Camilleri manages to keep the dark humor his mysteries are known for.

This is another quick and entertaining read from Andrea Camilleri. I highl recommend this book especially if you love reading about Italy and Sicily.





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