Italian Sauce Recipe – Fresh Tomato Sauce

Italian Sauce Recipe – Fresh Tomato Sauce

italian-tomato-sauce-recipeThis is the perfect Italian sauce recipe for summer.  It freezes well and can bring a little bit of summer into the cold winter months.  Best of all, the only calories are from the tomatoes and the pasta.

You will need a food mill for this recipe, they can be purchased in cooking stores or on-line both new and used (they are inexpensive).  A food mill is a metal bowl with a screen at the bottom and a press inside that you turn with a handle.  This tool allows you to make sauce from the meat of the tomato while keeping out skin and seeds which can make a sauce bitter. 

Purchase fresh plum tomatoes (they are oblong).  You need at least a pound; there is no maximum amount you can use.  If you purchase a lot of tomatoes you can make several batches and freeze what you do not need for immediate use. 

Rinse the tomatoes in fresh water, slice the top off and cut in half lengthwise. Put the tomatoes in a pot large enough that you can easily stir the tomatoes. Cook uncovered, stirring occasionally to make sure the tomatoes do not stick to the bottom.Cook until the tomatoes are very soft and there is enough liquid to cover the cooked tomatoes.

After cooking the tomatoes put them in your food mill, put the food mill over a large bowl and press the sauce into the bowl. When all of the liquid has been pressed out of the tomatoes throw out the residue.  Transfer the sauce to a pot and cook to the desired thickness. The sauce should be thick, not watery.

Serve with fresh basil over capellini (angel hair pasta).

This sauce freezes very well. You can put the sauce in plastic freezer bags, small or large. When you are ready to use the sauce just thaw and reheat in the microwave. This Italian sauce recipe will make you dream of sitting in a ristorante in a piazza on a warm summer day.

You can use this sauce as the base for many recipes such as tomato based soups.

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  • Linda says:

    Thanks so much for the instructions. Saved my bucket of tomatoes from going bad. I got a tomato food mill from Lee Valley and am keen to try it out. Without your instructions, I was lost.
    Next comes the italian sauce!

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