Keep Your Top On!

Keep Your Top On!

Women have been banned from standing topless on Italian beaches, they must be lying down.

New rules say women must be covered up if they are walking on the beach, playing beach volleyball or swimming. A strict 10-point guide has been issued by the Italian Association for Public Bathing.

In addition to the ban on topless bathing, the guidelines also forbid playing football (American soccer) on the beach, hanging up wet clothes to dry on beach umbrellas, changing into swimwear under towels and drinking alcohol. The guide restricts cell phone use and says that people who speak loudly into their cell phones will be asked to turn them off.

Riccardo Scarselli, the president of the Italian Association for Public Bathing, said the behavior of tourists on the beach was getting worse. Mr. Scareselli said, People feel entitled to do whatever they want, just because they’ve put on a bathing suit

These are guidelines and not laws, however, many mayors have said they will enforce the guidelines and may follow up with laws. The new guidelines have upset many foreign tourists, particularly German tourists who are in the middle of their holiday season.

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