Kensington 64343 MicroSaver DS Notebook Computer Lock with Keys (PC/Mac)

Kensington 64343 MicroSaver DS Notebook Computer Lock with Keys (PC/Mac)
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I initially bought the Kensington 64343 Lock because I work at a University where laptop theft is a huge problem. After I bought it I thought well this was a good idea because now I can take it when I travel and lock my laptop up rather than trying to hide it in drawers and closets.

I was originally planning to order the Kensington ComboSaver Lock since it was one of Time Magazine’s top 25 travel gadgets. It got such bad reviews from users that I continued looking. When I saw one reviewer describe the Kensinton 64343 as robust I thought that’s it! Robust is what I need.

A big advantage of the Kensington 64343 is that it has keys rather than a number lock. Locks using numbers can be difficult to unlock as anyone who has spent 10 minutes at their health club trying to open their locker knows.

The last thing I need is to be unable to unlock my computer that would be both embarrassing and maddening. I have not had to do this yet, but you can get replacement keys if you lose yours.

I would hate to have my laptop stolen, not just because of the cost of the computer but it is the buying and reinstalling of all that software that causes the pain. My laptop crashed earlier in the year and it took me weeks to get everything reloaded on my new computer. And I was lucky since I had just backed everything up.

No lock is completely secure; a committed thief can always find a way. But, this gives me peace of mind whether I am traveling half way around the world or to an office in downtown Atlanta. The Kensington 64343 Computer Lock will prevent the causal passerby from grabbing my computer and running away with it.

Kensington 64343 Notebook Computer Lock Facts:

• Easy to install and use in the office or when traveling,
• The system locks into the standard Kensington security slot found in 99-percent of notebooks, as well as many flat-panel monitors, CPUs, projectors, printers, docking stations, tablet PCs, and other devices
• This unit features a sleek styling and design that won’t block notebook ports or lift a notebook off the desk, and exceeds industry security-lock standards
• The Kensington 64343 includes two keys and a rubber tie for cable-cord management, with replacement keys available through the manufacturer, and is backed by a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty.

Technical Details
• Ultra-strength carbon tempered steel cable core on 6-ft, 4.5 mm thick cable with external steel braided sheath
• Innovative disc-lock engineering for triple maximum security
• Patented T-bar locking mechanism provides superior lock strength and theft protection
• Easy to install and use to protect high security computer devices

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