Know Your Colors (I Colori) in Italian

Know Your Colors (I Colori) in Italian

Learn Basic Italian Colors

You walk into the Sermoneta glove store on the Via Veneto in Rome and see a beautiful pair of gloves. You just have to have them. Chances are if they are beige (beige) you will have no trouble telling the sales clerk which gloves you want to try on. But what if they are yellow (giallo)? That may be a little more difficult to communicate.

Colors are adjectives and must agree with the nouns they are describing. For example, il rosso guanti means the red gloves.

To describe a color as light add the adjective chiaro to the color so rosso chiaro is light red. Adding scuro makes the color dark so blu scuro becomes dark blue.

When I travel to Italy the colors I use most are rosso and bianco as in vino rosso and vino bianco.

Here is the list of colors in Italian with their pronunciation:

beige in Italian is beige and is pronounced behj

black in Italian is nero and is pronounced neh-roh

blue in Italian is blu and is pronounced bloo

brown in Italian is marrone and is pronounced mah-roh-neh

gold in Italian is oro and is pronounced or-oh

gray in Italian is grigio and is pronounced gree-joh

green in Italian is verde and is pronounced ver-deh

orange in Italian is arancione and is pronounced ah-ran-choh-neh

pink in Italian is rosa and is pronounced roh-zah

purple in Italian is viola and is pronounced vee-oh-lah

red in Italian is rosso and is pronounced roh-soh

silver in Italian is argento and is prononced ar-jen-toh

white in Italian is bianco and is pronounced bee-ahn-koh

yellow in Italian is giallo and is pronounced jahl-loh

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