More Planning For My Trip To Italy

More Planning For My Trip To Italy

My Trip is Getting Closer. Here are the entries from my trip planning journal.

Beautiful Italian Leather Journal

Friday, April 29 – Only 2 days until I am off to Italy!  Jaycee is recovering nicely but still not 100% making me glad that I decided to leave her at the vet’s rather than the kennel.  More worrisome is that my 5 year old grandniece, who has a number of medical challenges, is back in the hospital.  She has been there for several weeks so I had assumed she would be recovering at home by now.  I hate to be so far away when she is so sick.  My sister has reminded me that I will be have a PlanetFone, access to the internet with my Netbook and that Italy is a modern country, one that I can get a flight home from quickly if needed.

It is always hard when unexpected difficulties arise when you are getting ready to leave.  The time has been scheduled (I am not working now and may be soon) and money has been committed (some hotels require a down payment and in one case full payment) so on I go to Florence!

Today I took care of a few last minute things.  I got my hair cut, always a risk in case you get a bad cut and either spend too much time on your hair or look funny in all of your pictures.  Since I only take carryon luggage I always have to use some hotel shampoos.  Hopefully, I will find at least one that works well with my hair.  Also, I always have to buy toothpaste and body lotion when I get there which is a good excuse to wander around an Italian grocery store.

It is exciting to think that in just a few days I will be in Italy!

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