My Arrival in Italy

My Arrival in Italy

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Malpensa Airport

Paolo had the new iPad.  I was very envious.   He did not have to endure Vince Vaughn and Kevin James nor was he lugging 10 pounds of books around.  He watched movies, red books, played games, organized his calendar and did some work.  Other than the work thing it seems like the perfect vacation gadget.  I definitely need to invest in a tablet before my next long trip.

I took half a sleeping pill so I would get at least enough sleep that I would be able to make it to Florence after my arrival at Malpensa.  I never sleep particularly well on planes, usually falling asleep just about the time we are ready to land.  Taking preemptive action is the way to go for me.  For some unknown reason they kept the TV on all night which made the cabin very bright – glad I remembered my sleep mask and ear plugs. 

I woke up at 7am Italian time which is 1:00 Atlanta time (I think anyway – I never am spot on with the time difference) to a fairly nice breakfast and mineral water (Acqua Naturale).  You know you are arriving in Europe when you stop getting ice in your drink and you get bubbly water (con gas) without asking for it.

My flight arrived right on time.  In all the years I have been flying to Italy, I think my flight has always arrived on time or at least within 30 minutes of the scheduled arrival time.  How is it that I can fly for 10 hours and my flight arrives on time but my 1 ½ hour to Newark, NJ is never on time. 

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