Naples and Milan, Italy

Naples and Milan, Italy

Naples and Milan, among the largest Italian cities, were named the least eco-friendly cities in Europe as reported by ANSA, the Italian News Agency. Naples and Milan were named as the result of a study conducted by Italy’s Environmental Research Institute.

The study, conducted in partnership with environmental lobbyist group Legambiente, looked at 20 ‘eco-indicators’ to give a percentage score to 26 European cities, the ANSA news agency reported Thursday.

Helsinki, Finland, was named the cleanest city with a score of 80 percent. Naples and Milan scored 21 and 25 percent respectively, and Rome was just a little higher with 29 percent, making it the fifth worst city in terms of the environment.

Legambiente Chairman Roberto della Seta said; “Unfortunately, Italy’s big cities are the black sheep of Europe.  In fact, Milan and Naples are the blackest of the black.”

Naples was marked down in the study for low quality public transportation, high trash production, lack of a recycling program, and a low ratio of park areas to city residents.

Milan had the highest smog levels in Europe and the second-highest levels of ozone after Paris.

You don’t have to have spent much time in Milan or Naples to guess that they would rank high on air pollution, though one is left to wonder where Athens, Greece fits into this list. So, what does this mean? Avoid all but the airports and train stations in Naples and Milan and head to Cinque Terre, Sicily or Umbria.

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