National Geographic Traveler Piedmont and Northwest Italy

National Geographic Traveler Piedmont and Northwest Italy
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Northwest Italy boasts major cities, but its greatest lures are sublime food and wine, its many outdoor activities, and the beauty of its magnificent mountain and coastal landscapes. – Reprinted from National Geographic Traveler


Pages: 240

Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.2 x 0.6 inches

Weight: 12.8 ounces

Maps: Regional maps, limited number of street maps. Since the book is too heavy to carry with you there is not really a need for street maps

Pictures: Excellent pictures printed on glossy paper

What I like about the National Geographic Traveler Piedmont and Northwest, Italy:

  • This guide provides excellent background information on the Piedmont and Northwest regions of Italy – the history, culture, food, literature, cinema, architecture, etc.
  • These books are geared towards people who want more than just information on where to stay and eat. The writing is excellent and the book is packed full of facts about cities and sites. The book is written in the style of the National Geographic Traveler magazine, meaning it reads more like it is written by a travel writer than most other guidebooks
  • National Geographic does not gear these books to travelers on either end of the budget spectrum i.e. they are not for the budget conscious nor are they for the luxury traveler
  • This guide focuses on Turin, Piedmont, The Aosta Valley and Liguria.
  • A walking tour of Turin’s historic center is provided as well as driving tours for several regions
  • Contact information for the tourist information centers is provided
  • Addresses, phone numbers and a cost guide are included for popular sites. Days closed is given, however, hours of operation are not provided for most sites
  • Little pieces of regional trivia are scattered throughout the books
  • There is a very short section on practical information to help you get around
  • If you are only going to the Piedmont region of Italy it is nice to have a book that focuses only on that part of Italy


What I Don’t Like about the National Geographic Traveler Piedmont and Northwest, Italy:

  • This book is definitely too heavy to carry with you every day
  • Although there is information on accommodations, restaurants and shopping other guides are more useful for this type of informatio
  • I would not recommend this book if it is the only guidebook you are buying because it is lacking in the practicalities of getting around cities and regions. It is the perfect book if it is your second trip to the region.

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