Padua, Italy – Train, Plane, & Travel Transportation Tips

Padua, Italy – Train, Plane, & Travel Transportation Tips
Padua Train Station

Padua Train Station

You can get to Padua, Italy by a number of different ways though train and plane are the most common ways to get there.  The problem with arriving by car is that you need to find somewhere to park your car during your stay which can be prohibitively expensive.  My advice, if you are driving to Padua return your car before you arrive and take a bus or train into the city.  There is a Europcar rental at the train station.

By Train

I love trains so I tend to take them whenever I have the opportunity even when it may be cheaper to take a bus or even plane.  After those first few frantic minutes that you always experience when you first get on any train in Italy it is nice to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy looking at the scenes from your window even when they are all not that pretty.  It gives you a feel for the area you are about to visit.

It is easy to get to Padua Italy by train but getting there by plane is also an option.

Padua By Train

Since Padua is on the way to Venice you can get there by train from all over Italy.  We arrived from Modena through Bologna which took about 1 1/2 hours.  We left Padua and went to Milan which took about 2 hours.  Venice is about 30 minutes, Rome about 2 ¼ hours and Florence a little over 1 ½ hours.  Remember in Italy the faster the train the more expensive it is.  These time estimates are for the faster more expensive trains but all trains go through Padua including the Eurostar, InterCity, InterRegionale, Regionale, etc.  You can find more on the Trenitalia website.

The train station in Padua is clean and large and easy to navigate with several small stores and caffe’s.

We took a taxi both to and from the train station on our arrival in the city and our departure from the city as well as for day trips.  For us it was definitely too far to walk with our luggage and probably too far to walk even without luggage.

Padua Train Station Luggage Storage

There is an area where you can store your bags for a fee if you are visiting Padua on your way somewhere else.  The lockers are closed but at the time we were there you could store items in an area that was manned located near the restrooms.

Padua Train Station Restrooms

The restrooms at the Padua train station are large and clean.  You have to pay a fee, it was something around 1€.  There is a change machine right near the entrance to the train station.  There are attendants there to maintain the restrooms so they are always clean, but the attendants tend to speak only Italian and are not there to help you make change, find your way, etc.  There are restrooms on the trains but on some of the local lines they are not always clean and not always working.  On the Eurostar and the faster trains the restrooms tend to be about what you would find on an airplane.

Padua By Plane

There is a small airport for private planes in Padua but the nearest airport with commercial flights is Marco Polo Airport in Venice.  There is a bus that runs from the Venice airport to Padua.

Getting Around Padua

The best way to see Padua is on foot.  The historic center where most of the tourist sites are, including the University, is small and easy to navigate.  Many of the streets have covered arcades to keep you dry when it rains and a little cooler when it is hot and they add a certain ambiance.

Driving through Padua is definitely not recommended and in many places is not even possible since there are many pedestrian only areas.  Unlike Verona, which is full of people riding their bicycles, I saw very few bikers in Padua.

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