Pago Pago Pizzeria Review – Padua, Italy

Pago Pago Pizzeria Review – Padua, Italy
Pago Pago Pizzeria - Padua, Italy

Pago Pago Pizzeria Review – Padua, Italy

Where to find great Italian pizza

Everyone, and by everyone I mean the media, talks about how the best pizza in the world is found in Naples.  While it may be true that Naples has the largest number of great pizzeria’s than anywhere else in the world it does not mean that you can’t find great pizza outside of Naples.

Pago Pago Pizzeria in Padua Italy has great pizza as well as great pasta.

We ate here twice, once for pizza and once for pasta and both tasted authentically Italian.  The pizzas, like all good pizza, is wood fired with a nice thin crust.  For both the pizza and the pasta everything was fresh and freshly made.  Although neither of us had a salad they come highly recommended if you are looking for something lighter.

Both times we ate here the line was out the door with people waiting for take-out pizza.

I always think of take-out or take away as it is known in much of Europe as a uniquely American phenomenon but that is apparently not the case.  We got to the restaurant early, around 7, and did not have a problem getting a table, but it was packed shortly after we arrived which may explain why so many people were getting take-out.  I would say reservations would definitely be worth making.  You can always ask your hotel to make reservations for you if you are hesitant to do so yourself.

The take-out line is full of both tourists and locals and it is fun listening to the mish mash of languages being spoken.  Having so many locals in a restaurant is always a good sign no matter what country you are visiting.

Pago Pago Pizzeria Service Review

The service was very good, with all the waiters helping us speaking understandable English and in each case being attentive.  Even though the restaurant was very crowded we never felt rushed.

Although the restaurant is very busy, the street it is on is very quiet so you can enjoy your meal free of traffic noise.  Pago Pago is located about a block from the Basilica on a side street.

 Address: Via Galileo Galilei 59, 35121 Padua, Italy

 Phone:  049 665558

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