Planning A Trip For One to Italy

Planning A Trip For One to Italy

Journal for Planning Trip

Change of plans on my spring trip to Italy.  As I plan to go to Italy alone . . . here are the entries from my trip planning journal.

Tuesday, March 29

Now that I will be planning for solo travel I need to think about what I want to do.  I could just plan the cities I want to go to or I could take a cooking, language or art class – all things I am interested in.  My main constraint is that I have to leave on May 2 and return on May 13 since the flights have all been booked.

I have contacted several places on the Ligurian Coast near Genova and they are all full – no vacancies so I have decided that I will go to Florence first.  There is always a lot to do in Florence and so I know I won’t be bored or worse lonely. 

Wednesday, March 30

I spent the day looking into a number of classes and have decided against taking a class.  Because I won’t be arriving in Florence until late Tuesday I cannot take a weeklong class since most start on a Monday.  This is information I need to file away for a future date.  Several of the cooking classes I am interested in are way too expensive.  Since I am on a budget I need to think about whether I really want to spend a thousand US dollars on a class.  And, the truth is I am not at my best when I am overscheduled.  Having to be in a specific place at a specific time is difficult enough for me when someone is paying me to be there much less when I am on vacation.  So I worry that if I book a class, I will end up not showing up and wasting my money.

Now I plan to spend 4 nights in Florence.  I can take a day trip to Bologna if I am so inclined.  After Florence I will head to Verona for three nights, two nights in Bellagio to relax and regroup and one night at a hotel near Malpensa airport.  I decided I want to spend the night at the airport rather than in Milan.  It is not exciting, but I won’t have the stress of getting to airport early on Friday morning.  My flight is not until 11 am but Malpensa is huge and often crowded and the traffic in Milan can be overwhelming.

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