Planning a Trip to Italy, So Much To Do, So Little Time

Planning a Trip to Italy, So Much To Do, So Little Time

Nikon Cool Pix

As I plan to go to Italy alone my to-do list gets longer.   Here are the entries from my trip planning journal.

Tuesday, April 26

Today I printed out 2 index cards.  The first has my sister’s name, address, phone number and email and note saying this is my sister’s information and she speaks Italian – In case I have an emergency I want there to be someone to contact.  The second card has my nephew’s contact information – that is in case I buy too much to fit in my suitcase and need some place to send my purchases.

I called Verizon today and found out that for $15 I can have my service suspended.  That way I won’t risk roaming charges (I have a friend who ran up $1,000 in roaming charges on a trip!) but I can still play games and use the alarm clock and my camera if I need it.  I have a Nikon Cool Pix, but it I would like to have my phone as a backup.  I had service stopped starting Tuesday, May 3 which is the day I arrive in Milan.  I need to call 611 to have my service restarted – we will see how well this works.  So now I need to remember to take my charger, one more thing to pack! (Everything with the process worked great except I could not call 611 to have service restored, I had to do it from my computer.)

My Euros arrived today, one day early.  I am glad I did not pay for the express service which was an option.  I will pick them up at the bank tomorrow.  I don’t want them in my house for too long since it is a lot of cash to have lying around – not that most thieves would know what they were.

I also had my prescription refilled today.  I wanted to give myself a few days leeway just in case there are any problems.  I would hate to sleep my way through Italy without my thyroid medication.  I also, filled up all my small travel bottles with shampoo, conditioner, etc. so that is all done.  I will use some of the hotel shampoos, that way I don’t have to take much, but they never have conditioner.  I will buy some lotion when I am there along with toothpaste “dentifricio”.  I only take enough toothpaste to get me through a couple of days – no way I can take enough to last 10 days.

The temperatures in Florence are in the high 60’s during the day and the mid-50’s at night which sounds wonderful.  I am getting excited!!

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