Portofino, Italy home to Ancient Greek Ship

Portofino, Italy home to Ancient Greek Ship

Portofino, Italy may or may not be home to an ancient Greek ship. What is known is that it is home to ancient Greek wine.

Portofino, Italy one of the most beautiful and wealthy towns on the Ligurian coast of Italy is thought to be home to the wreckage of at least one ancient Greek ship. Ligurian Heritage chief Giampiero Martino told reporters that seven amphorae have been found in Portofino in recent years.

Amphorae are ceramic vases with two handles and a long neck narrower than the body. Amphorae were used to store wine among other things. The latest Amphora found in Portofino was located by an unmanned exploration capsule in the actual port of Portofino.

Greek and Roman ships have been found all over the coast of Italy. According to historians an active wine trade flourished between Portofino (originally a Greek settlement) and Marseilles, France another ancient Greek city.

Five of the recently found amphorae were located just off the headland that juts out from Portofino, one was found about 100 yards up the coast and the most recent one just inside the port.

Because of the discovery of so many Amphorae it is believed that the wreckage of a Greek ship must be located near Portofino, Italy.

The Portofino National Marine Reserve is a popular destination for divers. Now that they are finding wine in the waters off Portofino, Italy it is likely that the area will become even more popular.

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