Portofino, Italy – Best Things to Do

Portofino, Italy – Best Things to Do

Finding Love in Portofino – Andrea Bocelli

Watch the beautiful slideshow of Portfonio while Anrea Bocelli sings about finding his love there. This song was performed in his concert in Portofino.

Portofino is Like Stepping Back in Time

Most places you visit in Italy transport you back in time to Ancient Rome or the Renaissance.

In Portofino, you will feel like you have gone back to the 1950’s and 60’s. That is when Portofino became popular with jet setting celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Ingrid Bergman, Ernest Hemingway, Frank Sinatra, Brigitte Bardot and on and on.

The rich and famous would arrive by yacht and spend their time lounging around luxury hotels and private villas. It was a place to see and be seen.

It is no wonder Portofino attracts masses of wealthy people.

Portofino Italy Boat

Portofino Italy Boat – Photo By Christine Zenino

Portofino is beautiful and there are a lot of people there with cameras. Sitting on a small promontory, surrounded by water Portofino is irresistibly photogenic. The small, colorful harbor is crowded with yachts and sailboats, large and small.

Here is a beautiful YouTube slideshow of Portofino

What is are the best things to do in Portofino, Italy ?

The things to do in Portofino are walk and people watch.

The best walk is up the steps that lead from the port to the church of San Giorgio. From San Giorgio you will get a beautiful view of the harbor and bay. If you are up to it, you can continue up the path to the Portofino Lighthouse where you will get an even better view.

The best people watching? There are a number of small and expensive cafès around the harbor where you can enjoy an espresso or glass of wine while you watch both people and boats.

Because of its small size, the total area of Portofino is just a little over a 1 mile, Portofino is nicknamed the most beautiful Piazzetta (small square) in the world.

Portofino does not offer undiscovered beauty. The crowds in the high season can be intense. The beauty of Portofino is not diminished by the seasons. It is just as pretty in the fall, spring and even winter so plan your trip keeping the crowds in mind.

Where to Stay to Save Money

Portofino is so beautiful it belongs on anyone’s list of places to see in Italy. But it can be a little pricey for some of us.

I started going to Portofino with my family when we lived outside Genoa. For us it was a day trip in the car, we never saw the inside of one of the luxury hotels or private villas. And, in spite of all the famous people who call Portofino home in the summer. . .  all my celebrity sightings have been in New York City, not Portofino.

There are a number of towns with nice hotels along the Ligurian Coast where you can stay and make Portofino a day trip.

You can stay in Santa Margherita which is a pretty town in its own right with more hotel options than Portofino.

How to Get To Portofino and Map

From Santa Margherita you can hike to Portofino, take the bus or take a boat. Buses to Portofino leave about every 30 minutes from well marked bus stops.

The train does not go to Portofino. If you decide to drive in the summer you will most likely be stuck in traffic.

Fortunately it is a pretty drive so at least you will have something to see while you are sitting there.


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