Prosciutto Crudo vs Prosciutto di Parma

Prosciutto Crudo vs Prosciutto di Parma
Figs Prosciutto

Figs Prosciutto – Photo by Manda Wong

Travelers to Italy may be surprised when they order a Pizza con Prosciutto to find that they have been given a pizza with boiled ham rather than what we normally think of as Prosciutto. That is because Prosciutto is Italian for ham so it includes several types of ham. Prosciutto cotto is the boiled light pink ham that is typically seen in the U.S.

Prosciutto Crudo

The Prosciutto most Americans are familiar with is actually Prosciutto crudo. Prosciutto crudo is a dry-cured ham that is deep red in color and has a distinctive salty, gamey taste. Prosciutto is aged for 10 to 12 months.

Prosciutto di Parma

Italians have been making Prosciutto for 2,000 years so it is no wonder that they have it right. Prosciutto di Parma is the best known prosciutto and is what many of us also believe to be the best Prosciutto.

Prosciutto di Parma  is expensive but worth every penny. Try it with mozzarella and basil or with melon. The sweet of the melon and salt of the Prosciutto di Parma is a heavenly combination

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