Prosecco Belinni Recipe – Italy’s Champagne – Only Affordable

Prosecco Belinni Recipe – Italy’s Champagne – Only Affordable
Prosecco Belinni Recipe

Prosecco Belinni Recipe – Photo By HarshLight

Picture this……you are sitting at an outdoor cafe on a warm, sunny day in Vernazza in the Cinque Terre. Hikers are coming in off the trails, local fishermen are pulling in their boats, people are chatting away on their telefoninos, in other words it is the perfect day. So what should you have to drink? It needs to be cool and refreshing and tasty. I think you should have a glass of Prosecco.

Nothing goes better with a warm summer day than a chilled glass of sparkling wine and in Italy that means Prosecco. Prosecco is the perfect drink to counter the summer heat with its refreshing bubbles and chilly temperatures. Not only is Prosecco refreshing and tasty but it is also reasonably priced.

Prosecco has been around since the 1100’s though chances are it was in a very different form than what we see today. It was most likely faintly effervescent rather than the bubbly drink we have today.

Prosecco is the name of the grape used to make the sparkling wine bearing its name. The high acidity in sparkling wines makes them perfect to have with summer foods: salads, seafood and chilled soups.

Prosecco is protected as a DOC within Italy. DOC is a designation, Denominazione di Origine Controllata, which strictly defines requirements, including the grapes that can be used, for individual wines.

The primary region producing Prosecco in Italy is the Veneto. So, it should come as no surprise that the Venetians developed a drink made with Prosecco. In 1943 the folks at Harry’s Bar in Venice, the place made famous by Hemmingway, created the Bellini. Named after the painter Geovani Bellini, the Bellini was invented by Giuseppi Cipriani. The original Bellini recipe called for pureed fresh white peaches. Even in Georgia white peaches are only available for a month every year so use Peach Schnapps instead and save your white peaches.

Belinni Recipe

1 parts Peach Schnapps
3 parts Prosecco

Combine in champagne flutes, serve.

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