Reading a Train Ticket in Italy

Reading a Train Ticket in Italy

Reading Italy Train Tickets

A train ticket in Italy can be confusing to read. So take a minute and look at the ticket. All the information you need will be there – your seat number, which class you purchased, where you are going and the scheduled departure time.

Each car will have a “1” or a “2” on the outside of the train. If you have a first class seat look for the “1” on the outside of the car, second class look for the “2”.

When you are on the train you will be able to tell the difference between first class and second class. First class has nicer seats, so if in doubt just look at the seats. The first class cars tend to be (but are not always) either the first cars or the last cars on the train.

It is a long train so finding your seat is not always easy, be persistent. The seat numbers are in order for each car – but the cars may not be in the right order. The seat numbers are usually over the windows.

If you buy a second class ticket but find an empty first class seat you can usually upgrade on the train. However, if someone has purchased the seat you are sitting in you may get bumped back to your second class seat. Keep your ticket where it is easy to reach because you will have to show a train ticket in Italy several times while traveling.


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