Ready for my trip to Italy!

Ready for my trip to Italy!

My trip is almost here. Read my final entry from my trip planning journal.

Sunday, May 1 – Yesterday was quite a day! I did the mundane things you need to do to get ready for a trip: got some cash (US dollars), put together some snacks, watered the plants, cut the grass, cleaned out the refrigerator, returned a book to the library and bought a People magazine to help entertain me on the long flight to Milan. I also packed and repacked, several times. My suitcase is not as full as I thought it would be so I have room to buy things and at least in the beginning of the trip it will not be too heavy to lift over my head and into the luggage compartment. My backpack is another story, I can barely lift it. I think the Netbook has added some unanticipated weight.

I spent the rest of the day watching my tennis team play the last match of our league season. I was afraid to play in case I hurt something and had to limp around Italy so I was a spectator.

Monday, May 2 – It is departure day!!! I learned this morning that Osama Bin Laden was killed yesterday. Although I would never consider cancelling my trip I would have preferred this to happen at another time. I am so glad I did not see the news before I went to bed or I would never have slept.

This morning I dropped Jaycee off for her very expensive stay at the vet. Last things to do before I leave: shut down my computer, leave the lights on in the kitchen, turn off my ice maker (something I do ever since my sisters upstairs neighbor’s ice machine failed to shut off when it was full and somehow leaked water into their house), and turn up the air conditioner.

My friends are here to take me to the airport. I am ready!

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