Rent an International Cell Phone

Rent an International Cell Phone

PlanetFone came through for me once again. I recently visited Italy with two friends. Because there were three of us traveling together we rented hotel suites and apartments.

I decided to rent a phone from PlanetFone because of my experience with them when my sister had her purse stolen in Termini Train Station in Rome. My traveling companions agreed it was a good idea.One has a parent who is quite ill and she wanted a phone number where she could be contacted in case of an emergency.

Once again PlanetFone came to the rescue.  We rented an apartment in Venice that was near the Rialto Bridge, but to get to the apartment you have to walk through a number of winding streets, cross a few bridges, well you get the picture. If you have ever been to Venice you know how easy it is to get lost.

Because we had our PlanetFone we made arrangements with the rental agency to call them from the train station to let them know we had arrived in Venice. Someone from the rental agency met us at the Rialto Bridge and walked us to our apartment. Had we only used our phone that one time it would have been worth the cost.

Alas, we made it to our apartment and immediately blew a fuse. Without thinking we tried to run the washing machine and the window air conditioners at the same time. We found the fuse box in the apartment but none of the fuses were blown. Apparently, there was a switch in a locked closet on the first floor of the apartment building that had to be switched.

Not to fear! We put our PlanetFone to use again and called the rental agency. They had already left for the day so we spent a night in the dark which was not so bad since it was cool. First thing the next morning we spoke to the rental agency. They came over while we were out and fixed the problem.

Once again PlanetFone
helped us through what could have been a difficult situation. Spending one night in a dark apartment was not so bad. Spending three days without electricity would have been terrible.

Traveling Overseas? Go Cellular with PlanetFone!

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