Seeing Italy the Right Way: One Trip at a Time

Seeing Italy the Right Way: One Trip at a Time

Eating in Florence Italy

Italy is one of the most popular holiday spots in the world. Consistently it tops polls which rank the world’s most visited and beautiful countries. Few tourists leave here unfulfilled, yet they often miss one of the most important parts of the country: Italy.

Tourists arrive in Venice, Florence, Pompeii and Rome and are quickly carted off to innumerable destinations: churches, museums, Roman excavations, catacombs…..the list goes on. This is all well and good, and no one would feel justified visiting Rome and not seeing the Coliseum or heading to Florence and ignoring the Duomo. Yet in this quest to see every little thing and catalogue it with a myriad of digital photos, tourists often miss the real delight of this incredible place.

Indeed, Italy isn’t only about Renaissance masters, or Roman patriarchs but sunshine, rolling hills, coffee, food and (most importantly) wine.

These things deserve to be the focus of a trip to Italy. Rather than running around from site to site, tourists should dedicate time and leisure to sitting on a patio, sipping a glass of white wine, or propping up an espresso bar in manic Roman rush hour.

This is a country that is all about the good life, so it’s best to live it when you’re there.

Essentially, Italy is an overwhelming tourist destination: there is so much to see that you can lose the true essence of the place. The only way to combat this is to take multiple trips – dedicate one trip to art, one to history, another to food, and all of them to good wine. Another time head off on a Mediterranean cruise and breathe the fresh Mediterranean air while visiting a wide variety of different cities, or embark on a road-trip stretching from Naples all the way to Lake Como.

Italy is an amazing place, and there’s nowhere like it anywhere else on this blue planet of ours. Just make sure you spend your time here well, and don’t miss out on the real Italy – and of course, come back for more.

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