Italy Train Travel Tips, Instructions & Video

Italy Train Travel Tips, Instructions & Video
Train Station Pisa Italy

Train Station Pisa Italy – Photo by David Jones

Standing at a Train Station in Italy

Don’t Board the Train Yet!! You have your ticket in hand, now you need to make sure you get on the right train when you are at a train station in Italy. They told you at the biglietteria which track your train would be leaving from, but it is not unusual for the track to change at the last minute much like airports change gates.

At a large train station in Italy there is a big board with flip numbers (yes, most of the signs are still manual). Check this sign prior to going to the train track.

This board will give you up-to-date track information and will tell you if the train is late and if the track assignment has changed. When you get to the track you will see overhead signs which will have the main destinations for the train, so you will know if you are in the right place.

Before you board the train you need to stamp your ticket in one of the little yellow boxes that are everywhere in a train station in Italy. If you do not do this you may have to pay an additional fee once you are on the train.

YouTube Video With Train Travel Instructions

Nada provides excellent advice and tips on how to use the Italian railway system.

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  • James says:

    We are planning a visit to Italy. This article helps us understand the train system. Trains appear to be a good way to get around Italy. Thanks for the helpful advice.

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