Hotel Lido Caparena – Taormina, Sicily Hotel Review

Hotel Lido Caparena – Taormina, Sicily Hotel Review

Hotel Lido Caparena - Taormina, Sicily Hotel Review

The first thing you need to know about the Hotel Caparena in Sicily is that it is located on the beach and not in the center of the town. The second thing you need to know is that a train runs about 40 yards in front of the hotel and you will hear the train day and night if you leave your windows open. Having said that the beach is beautiful and closing your windows keeps out the noise of the train.

The Hotel Caparena is located about a 15 minute car ride from the center of town. The hotel runs a shuttle that will drop you off and pick you up but you need to call the reception desk well in advance to let them know you will be taking the shuttle. The shuttle holds about 6 people so if the hotel is crowded you may have trouble getting a  spot. The staff at the reception desk will call you a taxi which costs about 12€ each way. You can easily catch a taxi back to the hotel from the center of town.

The train station for Taormina is located quite a distance from the center of town.  The hotel was actually closer to the train station than a hotel in town would be. The taxi to the hotel cost 16€.

If you want a view of the sea you need to ask for it or you could end up with a view of the road.

You will find this hotel listed under different names: Hotel Lido Caparena, Hotel Caparena, Caparena Hotel, Hotel Caparena and Wellness Club, Lido Caparena, etc.

Hotel Caparena Pros:

  • The hotel has a beautiful private beach.  Make sure you get a pass from the reception desk before you head to the beach
  • The breakfast buffet is excellent with fresh orange juice, fresh ricotta and a variety of fruits, breads, cheeses and meats
  • The view from the restaurant looks out over the sea and is spectacular
  • The restaurant feature a number of excellent local wines
  • The outdoor pool is very pretty and clean
  • There is an indoor pool and fitness center, but you will pay extra to use these amenities
  • A
    spa is located on site with massages and a wide variety of services. In
    2006 the prices were comparable to what I would expect to pay in the US
  • The
    hotel has air conditioning which is very important since you will have
    to close your window to keep out the noise from the train
  • The gardens are beautiful
  • The rooms have the standard things such as a TV hair dryer, minibar, etc. In our room everything was in working order
  • Our bathroom was comfortably large
  • An
    American style bar is located in the basement of the hotel with a wide
    variety of liquors available; there was a piano player which was a
    little cheesy.It was like being transported back to the 1950’s.

Hotel Caparena Cons:

  • You have to take either the shuttle or a taxi to get into town
  • Several trains run day and night in front of the hotel, no matter what the hotel tells you and you will hear it
  • The only restaurant available is the hotel restaurant, when we were there the bar on the beach was only open for lunch.

Taormina, Sicly Hotel, a Personal Review:I have to say I liked the Hotel Caparena, but I did not love the Hotel Caparena. I am a beach person so it was nice having the beach located a short walk from the hotel. Had I been on a beach vacation the hotel would have been perfect. As it was, I was there to see Taormina and it would have been nice to be in the center of town.

Had there been a few restaurants within walking distance I would have been happier. Who wants to eat at the hotel every night?

I have to say that the train could be heard day and night, but closing the windows did keep out the sound. It would have been nice to be able to sleep with the windows open and enjoy the sea breeze. There is no way I could have slept through the night with the windows open.

Several people in my travel group had a room on the back side of the hotel and complained about both the trains and traffic from the road. We had a room on the side of the hotel and could not hear any noise from the road.

While we were staying at the Hotel Caparena there was a wedding reception complete with fireworks that went on for at least 15 or 20 minutes. It was fun seeing an Italian wedding reception, especially such a formal one and the fireworks were amazing, but it would have been nice if the festivities had started and ended a little earlier.

Like most resort hotels, some of the staff was friendly others not so much. But, they all spoke beautiful English, which when you arrive after spending close to a full day traveling makes things easier.

Rating: The Hotel Lido Caparena is rated four stars, remember the European star system refers to amenities provided and price not quality. Based on rooms, service, amenities I have to admit that I would not rate this four star hotel, my personal rating would be three stars.

Price:The pricing is a little tricky, but plan on paying at least 200€ for a double room with a double occupancy with breakfast included

Hotel Caparena Address:

Via Nazionale 189
Taormina 98039

Hotel Caparena Phone: +39 0942 652033

Hotel Caparena Fax: +39 0942 36913

Hotel Caparena E-Mail:

The Hotel Caparena has a number of reviews available on-line. The reviews are all over the place for this hotel, some reviewers love the hotel others hate it. I think that expectations play into their opinions. If you plan to spend time sitting by the pool or
on the beach you will love it, if you plan to spend most of your time in the town then you have better options.

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