Taormina, Italy – L’Orologio Restaurant Review

Taormina, Italy – L’Orologio Restaurant Review

L’Orologio – Near the Wunderbar and the Duomo, Taormina, Italy

There was so much food served at L’Orologio in Taormina, Italy when I went there for dinner that I could not even begin to tell you everything we ate! I went to L’Orologio with about 10 people so we had a set menu with 5 or 6 courses. There was more food than we could eat and we were all Americans so we can eat a lot.

What I do remember is that we had an excellent pasta dish served with a ragù sauce and fresh herbs. This was followed by a thin steak that was cooked to perfection. I had two helpings of pasta thinking I would not like the steak. In the end I had two helpings of pasta and ate every last bit steak, it was so good. All of the food was served
with baskets of bread and of course we ordered several bottles of red wine and water. It was all excellent and it was all very Sicilian.

Dinner lasted a long time and the food was served slowly. I always take this as a good sign as it usually means the food is being cooked as it is ordered.

L’Orologio means clock in Italian and this restaurant in Taormina, Italy is, not surprisingly, located across from a large clock. The most unusual site are the whimsical statues located in several gardens and patios located near the restaurant. It is startling to see modern outdoor art in a city that measures their history in the thousands of years.

We ate outside on a fairly large patio, even though it was unusually chilly for mid-May. As compensation for having to wear jackets and sweaters while we ate we were rewarded with the site of a full moon rising over the bay. It was beautiful.

L’Orologio Restaurant in Taormina, Italy is located a flight of steps up from the Wunderbar and just past the Duomo on your right if you are walking from the Porta Messina. It is close to the other end of Taormina from the Bella Blu restaurant.

Interestingly the restrooms are located through a private dining room, or at least it was a private dining room the night we were there. It looked like a corporate dinner was taking place and a Japanese man was giving a presentation. In order to reach the restrooms you had to walk behind the speaker who was at a podium in front of an audience of 50 or so Japanese who were listening intently while they watched other diners walk to and from the restrooms. It’s always something when you travel.

The waiters and waitresses at L’Orologio Restaurant in Taormina were very attentive and very friendly and obviously proud of their city and their restaurant. I can’t guarantee a full moon or good weather for your visit, but I would be very surprised if you did not leave L’Orologio full and content after experiencing an authentic Sicilian
meal in Taorimina, Italy.

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