Teva Sandals Dont Leave Home Without Yours

Teva Sandals Dont Leave Home Without Yours

It took me many years of traveling all over the world to learn that I cannot travel with any less than three pairs of shoes and that one of those pairs of shoes should be Teva Sandals. Rick Steves recommends that women take no more than two pairs of shoes. I say you can take at least three pairs of shoes and still travel with only carry-on luggage. I never check luggage on my way to a travel destination and I always
take three pairs of shoes.

I resisted buying my first pair of Teva’s for years, but now I am a convert. I am a shoe person; I have three closets and one basket full of shoes. I still do not find Teva’s to be particularly appealing, but I have to say for comfort and practicality you cannot go wrong with Teva’s.

They are still not the most stylish sandal, but they are comfortable and you can wear them everywhere. I have walked miles in my Teva’s, on rocks, sand, hiking trails, in lakes, oceans and creeks. I have worn them on boats, planes, trains and automobiles.

Teva’s come in full sizes so if you wear a half size go one size larger. Since the straps have velcro you can adjust the width to fit most feet.

My biggest problem with Teva’s is that they can give your foot a very odd tan, so when you go to put on a different pair of sandals it can look a little funny. My solution to that: don’t forget to put sunblock on your feet.

Teva makes many, many different styles of sandals but it’s the Teva Hurricane II that comes in all black.

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