The Rough Guide to Italy

The Rough Guide to Italy
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The Rough Guide to Italy is your ultimate handbook to one of Europe”s most beautiful countries. From the capitoline museums in Rome and the stylish shops of Milan to eating Pizza in Naples and watching the spectacular Palio race in Siena, this guide captures all of Italy’s highlights in a full colour introduction. The top hotels, bars and restaurants are all uncovered in the detailed listings section with the new ‘Author’s Pick’ feature highlighting the very best options. The guide also takes a detailed look at Italy’s history, art and groundbreaking film industry and comes complete with maps and plans for every area. The Rough Guide to Italy is like having a local friend plan your trip! – Reprinted from

Pages: 1224 pages

Dimensions: 7.7 x 5.1 x 1.3 inches

Weight: 1.5 pounds

Maps: Excellent maps by city and region

Pictures: Very few pictures

What I like about the Rough Guide to Italy:

  • The Rough Guide to Italy is so big that it has at least a little on just about every area of Italy
  • This series gives you a good description of the basics you need to know when you visit Italy including getting there, getting around, eating, drinking and accommodations
  • There is a phrase book at the end with a pronunciation guide, though you would be better off buying a separate phrase book since you could not possibly carry this book everywhere you go
  • The book is well written and includes interesting bits of information
  • There is detailed information on taking trains and buses
  • The book is organized by region i.e. Tuscany, Umbria making it easy to find the section you are looking for
  • There is a practicalities section for each town which tells you what to do if you arrive by train or bus, gives the address of the tourist information center and gives suggestions for accommodations and restaurants
  • Addresses, hours of operation, phone numbers and a cost guide are included for each entry
  • There is a suggested reading list for travelers to Italy which is fun, as well as a section on Italian cinema

What I Don’t Like about the Rough Guide to Italy:

  • At over 1200 pages and 1.5 pounds this book is too big and too heavy to take with you when you travel. The book is printed on newsprint so cutting out the pages you want may not be practical because they will tear. I rip pages out of my guidebooks all the time and have noticed those printed on newsprint tend to disintegrate especially when they get wet. But you can make copies of the pages you will need when you travel
  • The arriving part only talks about arriving by train, plane or bus but has no information for visitors arriving by car. Nor is there any information on parking. This is a big omission for cities like Siena. Siena is not easy to get to by train (the station is a bit of a hike from the center of town) so many visitors drive and parking is a nightmare, a few tips would be helpful. If I had some tips I would give them to you
  • There are several one page sections such as work and study in Italy. Since you can’t do justice to the topic in one page I am not sure why they put it in. Paper could be saved by focusing on travel information

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