The Rough Guide to the Music of Italy

The Rough Guide to the Music of Italy
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I love this CD! The Rough Guide to the Music of Italy is a great overview of traditional Italian music. This is not a Pizza Pie in the Sky That’s Amore kind of CD. There is no Dean Martin or Perry Como, not that they are bad. I love Perry Como he is from my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, but that is not what you will find on this CD.

The CD features a wide variety of Italian musical styles including a Tarantella. The Tarantella is actually an Italian folk dance that originated in the town of Taranto. When you hear the music associated with the Tarantella you will recognize it. Though a Tarantella is different in each region they all have the same basic upbeat tempo – it is the kind of music you often hear in pizza parlors.

The music on the Rough Guide to the Music of Italy comes from all over Italy. It is primarily traditional music though there are some contemporary styles. The songs are sung in Italian including a few of the lesser known dialects.

I downloaded the songs onto my iPod. Since I usually listen to my iPod on shuffle, especially when I am driving, it is fun to have songs from my Italian CD’s start playing at random.

Here is the list of the songs on the Rough Guide to the Music of Italy and the artists:

1. Tarantella Calabrese – Daniele Sepe
2. Maggio – Riccardo Tesi & BandiItaliana
3. Cassisia Agghja ‘Intu – Mauro Palmas & Elena Ledda
4. Sera Passaje Pe’ Sotto ‘Na Cella – Musicalia
5. Grondo Gigo De Blins/Gigo Cadrío E – Silvio Peron & Gabriele Ferrero Balet
6. Ballate A Ballu Tundu – Tenores Di Bitti
7. Oi, Giovanotti – Bonifica Emiliana Veneta
8. Jone – Banda Ionica
9. Costera – Totore Chessa
10. Il Moru Sarasin – Cantovivo
11. Quanne Sand’Anne – Uaragniaun
12. Mary Dem/Icio – La Piva Del Carner
13. Va Per Tera/Giga – Compagnia Strumentale Tre Violini
14. Marò Marò – E Zezi
15. Io Vado In Filandra/La Malmaritata – La Macina
16. La Merla – Barabàn
17. E. Stasira Caminandu – Re Niliu
18. Beica – Ariondela


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