Bicerin Is More Than Just Coffee – Facts & History

Bicerin Is More Than Just Coffee – Facts & History
Bicerin - hot cocoa, espresso and cream

Bicerin – hot cocoa, espresso and cream – Photo By Jeremy Hunsinger

What is Bicerin?

Turin, Italy has great wine, delicious chocolate and a coffee drink that is guaranteed to warm your soul on a cold winter night. The Bicerin is a heavenly combination of hot cocoa, espresso and cream layered in a small glass. The coffee is sipped through the cream creating a rich experience.

Pronunciation of Bicerin

Bicerin (pronounced bee-cheh-REEN) is dialect for little glass.


This coffee drink is a staple of Turin, Italy’s centuries old coffee culture. The Bicerin gained popularity in the mid-1800’s and counted Alexander Dumas, the author of the Three Muskateers among its fans.

Although you can order a Bicerin in almost any cafè in Torino, Italy many believe that the best is served at Al Bicerin a shop that dates from 1763 in the Piazza della Consolata. Up to 300 cups may be served in a single day.

The Bicerin developed from the Bavareisa a drink popular in the 17th century made with milk, coffee, chocolate and syrup. A Bicerin is made with a shot of espresso, followed by a layer of liquid chocolate ending with top cream that has been whipped slightly so that it floats. The drink is served very hot.

Other Coffee Favorites in Turin

A Bicerin is not the only coffee drink to be enjoyed in Turin, Italy.

If you want to say you have had grappa and are not a fan of the drink have a “Caffè Corretto” which is usually made with espresso and grappa. If on the other hand, you enjoy grappa try an “Amazza Caffè”. A cup of espresso is served with a grappa chaser.

When you are in Turin, Italy stop in at one of the grand cafés, with their marble counter tops, crystal chandeliers, baroque décor and tuxedoed waiters and enjoy a drink that has been around for hundreds of years.


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