Turin, Italy – Chocolate Lovers Paradise – Facts & History

Turin, Italy – Chocolate Lovers Paradise – Facts & History
Torino Chocolate Lovers Paradise

Torino Chocolate Lovers Paradise – Photo By Gilmoth

Not only does Turin, Italy (aka Torino) have truffles, great wines and hundred’s of cafés where you can enjoy all types of coffees it is also the birthplace of solid chocolate! There are more chocolatiers in Torino, Italy than in France and Belgium combined.

Turin, Italy takes its chocolate seriously and producing chocolate is big business in the city. There are hundred of chocolatiers in Torino from large producers that export their products to small family run business that have been around for hundreds of years.

Torino has had a love affair with chocolate for over 300 years when the Turinese (the people of Turin) began producing solid chocolate.

Prior to the production of solid chocolate, chocolate had been consumed as a beverage. In 1678 the queen of the Savoy State granted the first chocolate license to Giò Antonio Ari a Turinese chocolate maker. With this license Ari could sell chocolate as a drink to the public.

In fact chocolate is so popular in Turin, Italy that they have a chocolate festival every spring.  Head to Turin, Italy during the festival for a week of indulgence and a sampling of some of the best chocolate produced anywhere in the world.

The  week-long celebration features tastings, sculptures and vendors selling chocolate everywhere around the city center.

It is said that dark chocolate can be stored for up to three years if it is wrapped in foil and stored at the proper temperature and with the right humidity.

Of course, who would know if this is true or not. A true chocolate connoisseur speaks of storing chocolate for hours not years.

If you visit Turin, Italy add chocolate tasting to your list of things to do.

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