Torino – Shroud of Turin Mystery

Torino – Shroud of Turin Mystery
Shroud of Turin Replica

Shroud of Turin Replica – Photo by Jim Linwood

If you visit Torino, do not miss seeing the Shroud of Turin. 

Mystery has surrounded the Shroud of Turin for hundreds of years.  Is it really the image of the body of Christ?  Or is it a hoax?

The Shroud of Turin is one of the most famous medieval relics in the world. 

It is said that the shroud is the winding sheet used to wrap Christ after his crucifixion.  According to one version of the story the shroud was taken from Jerusalem to Cyprus to France where the Savoy’s came into possession in 1453. The shroud was first displayed in the Torino cathedral in 1694. 

The shroud of Turin is approximately 14 feet (4 m) long and 3.5 feet (1 m) wide.  There are actually two images on the shroud, one on the front and one on the back.  Many believe the images on the shroud are those of Christ and just as many believe it is a hoax.

Debate has continued through the years as to whether or not the Shroud of Turin is a fake.

Hours have been spent testing the shroud to determine its age, but nothing definitive has been found.  In 1988 carbon dating testing was completed and showed that the shroud was actually from the 1500’s.  That testing was proven to be flawed leaving the age of the shroud an open question.  The sample used in testing is believed to have come from an area that was mended.

The Shroud of Turin is kept in a silver casket inside an iron box within a marble coffer inside the urn on the altar of the Cappella della Santa Sindone in the Duomo di San Giovanni (Torino’s cathedral).  Although the original shroud is put on view from time to time what you will normally see is a replica.

If the shroud of Turin is a hoax it is one that was propagated hundreds of years ago.  Is it possible that someone painted their body with ochre and wrapped themselves in cloth to transfer the image?  We may never know the answer. 

The Torino cathedral is located in the Piazza San Giovanni and is open daily


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