Tour Groups Work For You

Tour Groups Work For You

Some people were born to travel on their own. They love the adventure, they don’t like structure and they love the unexpected. If all those things strike fear in your heart then you should consider traveling with a tour group.

These days there are tour groups to satisfy every interest and style of travel. Gone are the days of taking a bus through 10 countries in 6 days. Now you can find tour groups of all different sizes, covering different interests and that last from one week to one month.

If your travel group is large enough contact a tour group and they will plan a trip for you, arrange transportation and provide tour guides.

Of course, you can always mix it up. Travel with a tour group then stay an extra week or go a week early and meet your group when they arrive.

Are you a tour group traveler?

Love to bike? Want to take a bike trip through Tuscany? Prefer to taste wine in Chianti? Then a tour group is for you. Tours are now available to accommodate every interest and you can find all you need to know on the Internet.

  • A cruise may be the answer. With the value of the dollar low against the Euro a cruise may be for the right decision for you. The upside is you pay in advance and lock in the price; the downside is your side trips are still going to be expensive.
  • Not a planner? Group tours eliminate the need for you to think about where you are going and when you have to be there.
  • Sometimes you do not have a choice. Travel to exotic locations, national parks or trips that include risky activities often require that you travel with a tour group.
  • Being pampered is nice. Tour groups offer amenities that you may not find on your own such as group events, hospitality suites, group discounts and group entrance to museums which allows you to avoid lines.
  • Tour guides do the studying. Tours that use local or well trained guides offer a unique view of the area you are visiting. You will see things that you may otherwise miss.
  • Lonely days. Traveling by yourself can be lonely and traveling with a group can be the answer, particularly if you find a group with a similar interest i.e. a cooking tour of Italy.
  • Read the fine print. Make sure you understand what is and is not included in the price of your trip.
  • Leave the schlepping to someone else. Most tour groups have people who are responsible for getting your luggage from one place to the next.
  • Understand your commitment. Read the itinerary and ask questions. If you are planning a bike trip through Tuscany ask the tour operator: What happens if it rains? What if you are injured or sick? What if you want to take a side trip?
  • Be sensitive. If you choose group travel be sensitive that wherever you go you will be taking the place over. A restaurant with a few diners will in a few minutes be full of tourists each making their own demands on a suddenly busy staff.

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  • eric says:

    I’ve been the past week in Venice and one of the things I liked the most was the tour of the traditional bars in the city called “Baccaro”
    I think it’s one of the best things to do in Venice to plunge into the atmosphere of the city.
    I tried this tour
    the guides were nice and the food and wine excellent, I recommend everyone to try it

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