Are There Bathrooms on Italy Trains?

Are There Bathrooms on Italy Trains?

Bathroom Toilets Italy Trains

A question we all have when we travel by train in Italy is . . .  will there be bathrooms on the train?

All trains have bathrooms; the question is are they working and are they clean. The larger faster trains generally have a lot of bathrooms and they are usually clean.

Local trains have bathrooms, but not in every car and they may or may not be clean or working. When you travel by train in Italy bring hand sanitizer and some Kleenex, because most will not have soap, water and a hand dryer!

The same holds true for train stations in Italy – there are always bathrooms, you just never know what you are going to find.  In Italian train stations you may have to pay; the good news is when you pay the bathrooms are generally clean and well supplied.

Some of the bathrooms in train stations are automated; you stick a coin in a slot and the door opens. Never try to sneak in as someone is exiting.  These are self cleaning toilets; the lights go out, the water comes on and the whole room including you will be sprayed.

YouTube Italy Train Bathroom Toilet

As you can see by this Italy train toilet video, there is a very good reason NOT to go to the bathroom near the train station. LOL


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