Trattoria al Prato Restaurant Review & Map – Padua, Italy

Trattoria al Prato Restaurant Review & Map – Padua, Italy
Trattoria Al Pprato - Padua Restaurant

Trattoria Al Prato Review – Padua Restaurant

Trattoria al Prato Location

Trattoria al Prato is located in one of the most touristy areas of Padua, just the kind of restaurant I normally avoid.  But the recommendation came from the Hotel Belludi 37.  Every recommendation they had made was spot on so off we went to try it out the Trattoria al Prato for dinner.  It was an excellent recommendation and an excellent dinner.  In fact it was so good we went there twice.

Our Meals

The first night we ate there I had the fish soup and a lovely white wine from the Fruille Region of Italy.  I believe wine aficionados would consider this a local wine.  I am not a wine aficionado but I know what I like and I like this wine.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a similar wine back home.

When we went back the second night they remembered us which was a nice touch.  Actually they remembered us every time we walked by which was frequently since it was on the way back to our hotel.

The second night I had an artichoke salad with a mound of parmesan cheese on it.  The artichokes were marinated and raw.  I was not sure I would like it but it was delicious.  I followed this with a vegetable crepe which was also excellent and very light.  Just what I needed after all of that cheese on my salad.  My friend had fried gnocchi filled with culatello which is like prosciutto, it was out of this world.  I wish we had been able to go back another night so I could have had that.

Both times we ate there the restaurant was populated mostly by locals or at least Italians which I found surprising since it was located right across from the Prato della Valle which is a tourist magnet.  Since the hotel recommended the restaurant to us I assume they recommended it to everyone so I was pleasantly surprised to find so many Italians there.

We went for a short walk around the Prato della Valle after dinner.  It was an added benefit to have the park right there so we could enjoy an evening stroll and walk off some of the calories we had just consumed.

Proprietors Were Wonderful

The proprietors of the restaurant (I assume they were the owners but don’t know for sure) were so very Italian with their scarves tied just so, their impeccable manners and hands resting behind their backs as they sauntered through the restaurant greeting diners.  They were extremely attentive.  Their limited English was in no way a barrier to being able to order, get “il conto” (the check), etc.  They worked hard to understand us and we had no problem making ourselves understood.

Both nights we were there we ate in the outside area and it was lovely, not too hot or too cold.  There were two big tables full of diners celebrating various events but it was not loud and my friend and I were easily able to carry on a normal conversation in spite of the rounds of cin cin.  The food is authentic Italian food and the service is typically Italian which means leisurely so if that is not what you like I recommend you find someplace else.

Reservations Weren’t Necessary

We did not have reservations and had no problem getting seated but we tended to eat early, around 7 pm or so which is early by Italian standards.  As far as price, I would say our meals while not cheap were about half what you would pay for a similar meal in Venice.  I thought it was more than reasonable for such good food.

The service was not speedy but why would you want to rush through such an excellent dinner?

Address:  Prato della Valle, 4/5, 35123 Padua, Italy (located on Prato della Valle

Phone:  39 049662429

Here is a Google Map to Get Directions:

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